Samsung Creators Is A New Program To Push VR Development


Developer advocacy initiatives are one of the quickest ways to jumpstart a technological scene and attract new talent. Samsung is well aware of this and is no stranger to such initiatives, having launched Made For Samsung a while back to great fanfare, even tailoring services specifically for game developers to help push their Galaxy Apps ecosystem. The push seems to be working quite nicely, and Samsung is showing no signs of slowing down. Thus, in a similar vein, they've announced the launch of Samsung Creators, a developer and content creator advocacy initiative aimed at bringing more content and rich storytelling to the world of VR and 360 degree content.

According to Samsung's press release, they have built "an entire VR ecosystem" to show would-be storytellers the ropes and let them bring their ideas to life in the wild world of VR. Samsung U.S. Chief Marketing Officer Marc Mathieu chimed in, saying that the main purpose of the new initiative was to "bring the power of VR technology directly to the people" and involve creators and developers that otherwise would not go near the VR scene. Part of the initiative will be at VidCon, where Samsung will be giving creators classes and workshops to help them improve or even break into VR, and they will be working with Casey Neistat leading up to the event to shine a light on fresh talent from YouTube.


This new initiative will also include a contest, of course. In July, Samsung will be sponsoring a contest where creators will be tasked with using Samsung's own VR products, the Gear VR and Gear 360, to create some unique content. The contest will serve as a feet-wetting ground for many creators, as well as a showcase for the results that Samsung's own products can produce and how easy it is to jump in and use them to create. There will be 10 categories in the contest; Science and Tech, Sports, Travel, Culinary, Fashion, Gaming, Music, Auto, Causes, and 4D experiences. One winner from each category will find themselves on an all-expenses paid round-trip vacation to attend the award ceremony and accept $10,000 in cash. Winners will also be invited to a special master-level creators' class and workshop.

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