Samsung Ahead Patent Points To A Smart Helmet


The virtual reality and augmented reality spaces are heating up quickly, drawing most of the major players like moths to the flame. Samsung, having seen great success with their Gear VR, is no different. In the wake of a rash of new leaks , announcements and other news concerning new VR systems from just about everybody, Samsung has laid down a new patent application that seems to point to a slightly different apparatus from what most companies are putting out. Rather than a Google Glass competitor or an eyes-only VR headset like we've been seeing since the game began, Samsung seems to be working on a VR helmet.

As for the patent itself, we basically have a very broad description of what the apparatus could possibly be, and a rather simple blue logo bearing the legend, "Ahead". While the "Ahead" that Samsung teased earlier is a helmet attachment in the same shape as the logo, the patent application itself seems to be for an actual helmet. While details are a bit on the sparse side in the application and no drawings or tech specs are included, a few things can be surmised from some of the information included in the application, particularly in the wording used that isn't commonly seen with other VR systems. The patent description includes "Wearable telecommunication machines and implements in the shape of a helmet" and "wearable digital electronic devices comprised primarily of smart phones in the shape of a helmet". This could mean that a full-on helmet is in the works instead of a simple attachment, and that could also mean it has all the makings of a smartphone. This also means that it could be an augmented or mixed reality device. The description does specify that wireless transmitters are involved, but it should be kept in mind that the description is purposefully broad to prevent competing devices from mirroring it too closely.


Interestingly, as of June 23, further action on the application has been suspended by the US Patent Office, apparently pending the receipt of some important paperwork from Samsung on the matter. While this could be a simple fluke, it could also mean that Samsung has plans concerning this patent application on hold for the moment. Whatever the case, it seems that a full-scale helmet for VR, AR or maybe both is in Samsung's wheelhouse and may be on its way to your head.

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