Samsung Acquires Joyent, A Cloud Infrastructure Provider


A great deal of Samsung's services that inhabit the devices they sell to consumers could be improved with a touch of cloud infrastructure and computing. Applications like real-time sync of accounts, app data and the like come to mind, as do more creative applications like real-time collaboration using the Galaxy Note family's productive software. While Samsung has the resources to build out their own cloud for users to jump onto, it would be quicker to obtain a cloud service that already met their needs, which is exactly what they did. Joyent, a leader in public and private enterprise cloud services and maintainer of a unique "container-as-a-service", will reportedly become a part of Samsung as soon as the ink dries on the deal, though they will continue to operate as an independent company while helping to develop solutions and provide cloud oomph for Samsung.

While Samsung, a mobile and IoT giant, buying up an infrastructure-as-a-service firm may sound strange at first, all of the necessary ingredients for a great partnership are already there. Joyent will be lending Samsung their strength for setting up cloud solutions, while Samsung will be offering them the kind of scalable operation that they need in order to expand and meet the cloud space needs of new customers. Joyent CEO Scott Hammond sounded off excitedly about the Samsung deal, saying that the kind of growth that Samsung can offer them will help the burgeoning company to boost their capacity and reputation.


Founded in 2004, Soyent is actually the original maintainer of the famous node.js Java object, used all over the web and in a great many applications these days. The firm packs a wallop when it comes to cloud computing capacity and scalability, allowing Samsung to move in and set up shop in the cloud space quite handily. Although this move could be seen as Samsung trying to break into the Infrastructure-As-A-Service world, the more likely explanation is that they plan to create their own unique cloud services to hand over to users, helping to tie them into Samsung's ecosystem. The buyout has already officially gone through, but the setup is not quite complete yet, with no timeline given as to when we may begin seeing Samsung cloud products powered by Joyent.

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