Safety Info Pops Up For Google Glass Enterprise Edition


Google's mysterious Glass project seems to be in a state of constant flux. One year, there's an insider edition available, the next year, a consumer edition is coming, then nothing. One thing that has remained somewhat constant is the notion of the device seeing use in the enterprise sector. Even after being either replaced or rebranded by Project Aura, Glass is apparently still alive and kicking in some form. On Google's website, a safety information page can be found for Google Glass Enterprise Edition. No other editions of Glass seem to be present on the website, and the section on ordering Glass only shows how to cancel or change an order, and how to return Glass. Likewise, the FAQ does not touch on how to obtain Glass.

Along with the new internal name, the support page references a battery pack for the device, called the 'Enterprise Edition Wearable Battery Pack.' The juice box is mentioned a grand total of 15 times in the document, giving various pieces of safety and upkeep advice but keeping bits like the design and capacity strictly in the realm of insider knowledge for now. Thus, not much can even be assumed about the battery pack for now, aside from the fact that it is wearable and is likely separate from the main Glass unit.


Aside from the name change and the absence of buying information, the Google Glass website is mostly the same as it ever was. A tongue-in-cheek FAQ awaits those who want to see if their question has been answered before, the selection of accessory pages is the same and does not mention the battery pack, and the support document mentioned above still refers to the unit as Google Glass throughout, dropping the device's former name far more often than the new Enterprise Edition moniker. Whatever the alias, whether it's Google Glass, Explorer Edition, Enterprise Edition or Project Aura, very little is known about the current state of Glass, aside from another confirmation of its long-rumored and only recently confirmed use in the enterprise segment. For anybody without the right kind of connections, getting your hands on a Google Glass unit still, as always, entails either extreme expense and a search for a good used unit, or just disappointment.

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