Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Launch is 2 Months Away

Samsung Unpacked 15 AH

Today, Samsung announced a couple of wearable products at an event in New York City. The Galaxy Note 6, or as it has been rumored lately, the Galaxy Note 7, was a no show. We didn’t expect to see it, although it would have been a nice surprise to say the least. According to popular leaker, Evan Blass, the event is “almost exactly two months away”. Which leads us to an August unveiling. This means that Samsung is likely looking to get the Galaxy Note 7 out before the new iPhones once again. This is something that they did last year, instead of announcing the device at IFA as they had for the four years prior to that.

While no date has been confirmed just yet, there is reason to believe that Blass is correct here. His leaks are typically spot on, with only being wrong a handful of times. Another piece of information that caught our eye was the fact that Blass said there is only one device. We’ve seen rumors of both a Galaxy Note 7 and a Galaxy Note 7 Edge. We still aren’t sure which one they are going with, but if there is just one device, our money would be on the flat Galaxy Note 7.


A rumor that broke this morning hinted that the Galaxy Note 7 may feature dual cameras. This is something Samsung didn’t do with the Galaxy Note 5 last year or the Galaxy S7 earlier this year. But it is something that has become pretty popular with flagships this year. The LG G5 has a dual-camera setup, however one camera is a wide-angle lens with the other being a normal lens. Meaning that LG didn’t go the 3D route that HTC did a few years ago. Huawei also went with two cameras on the back of the Huawei P9. One was a full RBG lens and the other was black and white. It made for some pretty interesting effects.

Now that we are getting close to the announcement of the Galaxy Note 7, you can definitely expect to see plenty more leaks and rumors coming out about the device. But we should know all the details fairly soon.