Rumor: Project Tango Phone To Have 6.4-Inch QHD Screen

Lenovo Project Tango

The first consumer-ready Project Tango smartphone is slated to be announced at Lenovo’s upcoming Tech World conference, and it’s been said by Lenvo’s CEO to have a July release date, with a launch in “mature markets.” There isn’t much known about the device just yet, but images of the device have been shown off in the past, first appearing back in January of this year during the announcement that Google and Lenovo were partnering for a Project Tango smartphone. At the time, no specifications were given about the device, and there are still no specs that have been confirmed by the company, but a recent leak suggests that the screen size of the phone will be quite big.

According to Evan Blass on Twitter, the first Project Tango smartphone will have a 6.4-inch Quad-HD display. Going back to the initial announcement, Lenovo had mentioned at the time that the screen size would be under 6.5-inches, and while 6.4-inches is not much under, it does fit within the statement, making this leaked specification a real possibility. In addition to the size of the display, the phone’s potential name was also leaked, and will apparently be coming to market labeled as the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro.


Aside from the name and the screen size there was no mention of any other hardware, but with Tech World coming up soon there is always the possibility that there will be more specifications leaks in the near future before the phone is officially unveiled and launched. Having said that, it has been confirmed that the device will come in at under $500 and that it will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, but no specifics have been given in regards to either of those details. While this is a phablet sized device, 6.4-inches is massive and may be too big for some consumers, as many thought the Nexus 6 was too big of a device at 6-inches. Of course, it’s possible that 6.4-inches may not be the screen size at all. For now, we’ll have to wait and see what the actual specs are when Lenovo shows off the phone.