Report: Steven Spielberg Involved In New 'Family VR Content'


What was once considered to be a very niche market, virtual reality (VR), is continually gaining in momentum and in its mainstream appeal. It still has some way to go before becoming mainstream, with availability and pricing likely to be two of the biggest hurdles which will need to be overcome. However with the continued increase in commitment from companies to the platform, it is getting closer to reaching a mainstream product status. The latest of which, are reports detailing that next up to commit to the platform is Steven Spielberg.

The details on this are still very light, however it is now being reported that Spielberg had committed to helping bring about an "original family-oriented VR program". What this exactly means is unknown. However, Spielberg is said to be working on the project with the Virtual Reality Company, who confirmed Spielberg's (who is an adviser to and shareholder in the company) involvement as part of an announcement where the company detailed they had secured $23 million in new funding. What is just as interesting is that the Spielberg project is part of a wider "online portal for VR content" that the Virtual Reality Company is looking to orchestrate. Although details on this wider online portal are also largely nonexistent, as are details on what role specifically Spielberg will play in the new VR project.


While the details on this are very thin and while it does seem to be in the very early stages of development, this does go someway to further illustrate the appeal that is being generated by virtual reality at the moment. An appeal which is only likely to grow as aspects like Google's Daydream becomes more of a reality. Bringing with it more VR-oriented and compatible devices, headsets and content. By which point, VR will not just be for the high-end PC market, Galaxy S7 owners, or otherwise, but everyone and anyone. As multiple manufacturers have already signed up to producing Daydream-enabled smartphones going forward, VR is going to become far more accessible and with content coming from the likes of Spielberg, it is likely to be far more appealing to a wider audience as well.

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