Report: OLED Display Shipments Double for Samsung in Q1 2016


AMOLED displays are more popular than ever, sitting at close to 100 million total displays shipped, mobile or otherwise, for the first quarter of 2016. Of that number, only 5 % of those shipments were displays not manufactured by Samsung Display. Claiming an incredible 95% of the market is quite a feat in and of itself, but that means that when the market grows, so does your demand. Samsung met that demand admirably, increasing their total AMOLED production 100% year-over-year from the first quarter of 2015. Rival LG display scrambled to share the remaining five percent of the market with competitors, mainly focusing on HDTVs, but still saw their shipments quadruple from the same period last year, a testament to the rapid growth of the AMOLED segment.

Samsung has been beefing up their production capacity to meet this new demand, rather than simply pushing existing factories beyond capacity. An A3 facility they have on hand, for example, has seen an influx of about $1.5 billion, and is set to be able to produce 105,000 units per month before 2017 is over, up from its current figure of 15,000 per month. While not all of Samsung's facilities will be seeing a nearly 75% capacity gain, their production is projected to continue growing along with the OLED market. The most likely candidate to give Samsung Display a huge boom in business is a possible contract with Apple, though Samsung's own phones eat up a large number of displays already; screens for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge alone made up 14% of their capacity for the quarter. A whopping 86.7 million units for Q1 2016 is a big feather in Samsung's cap, no matter how you slice it.

Within the 5% of the market that Samsung Display doesn't control, LG Display rules the roost and rivals are left to fight for scraps. The scrappy smaller competitors, mostly out of China, are slowly digging their way upward, approaching LG Display fairly quickly. Meanwhile, new names are entering the space to further crowd it up, such as Chinese players Visonox and  Tianma. According to analyst Kim Dong-won with Hyundai Securities, LCD displays are quickly dying off in favor of OLED displays, which explains the huge year on year jump and why new players are coming in and old hats in the game are upping their production drastically.

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