[UPDATED]Report: HTC's Co-Founder Peter Chou Set To Leave The Company

Peter Chou 1

HTC is a Taiwan-based company which is well-known all over the world. This smartphone manufacturer has been manufacturing mobile devices for a long time now, but they haven’t exactly been that successful in the last couple of years. HTC had issues turning a profit, and they’re hoping they’ll be able to change that this year. The sales of their new flagship, the HTC 10, have been going great in Taiwan and Japan it seems, better than expected, and it remains to be seen what will happen by the end of the year.

That being said, Peter Chou is a co-founder of HTC, and has been serving as the company’s CEO in the past, he was replaced by Cher Wang (also a co-founder) a while back. Peter Chou remained at the company since he stepped down as CEO, but it seems like that is about to change. According to the latest report, Peter Chou is ready to say goodbye to HTC, which comes as a bit of a surprise really. We do not have all that much info at the moment, and this report comes from China, it's not exactly an official confirmation just yet, so keep that in mind.


As already mentioned, Peter Chou was HTC’s CEO for a long time, though he had to step down last year after the HTC One M9 debacle. The other co-founder, Cher Wang, took the reigns of the company, and even though HTC did not exactly rebound properly, the HTC 10 is a much more compelling offering than its predecessor, and if the Taiwan and Japan sales are any indication, HTC 10 might actually be quite successful, but we’ll wait for the official numbers before we make any conclusions. Marketing wasn’t Peter Chou’s strong suit it seems, the company’s $12 million ad deal with Robert Downey Jr. didn’t work out so well for the company, and same can be said about other marketing-related endeavors of HTC’s co-founder. That is more or less it, as already mentioned, HTC still didn’t release any official info regarding Peter Chou’s departure, but if they did, we’ll report back, of course.

UPDATE: The company has confirmed the news, Peter Chou has left HTC.