Razer Ports ChargeShot Game To Android TV


Take a handful of Worms, a pinch of Megaman, a dash of Metal Slug and just a sprinkle of League of Legends and throw all those ingredients together with some gory, tongue-in-cheek retro charm, and most PC gamers in the know will tell you that you're cooking up indie hit ChargeShot. The 2D deathmatch game from dev house Cowboy Color took Steam by storm last year with its fast, vicious and most of all fluid action powering charming retro characters in their quest to overcome one another for survival, money or gems. The game was made on a "less-than-shoestring budget", but still shows excellent production values and attention to detail in every second of the fast-paced matches.

The action takes place in 12 levels and features a full roster of 21 characters. The newest port, available for Razer Forge, Nvidia Shield TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV, features Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan as a playable character, referred to in-game as "based", formerly at the helm of a world-ruling tech company. The port comes courtesy of Razer's acquisition of OUYA and their resources and assets, allowing Razer to work on porting PC games to Android. While the OUYA console itself is, for now, all but dead in the water with no plans to properly revive it, the brand is still alive and well as the publishing arm of Razer. On top of overseeing and producing projects like this one, the firm now helps indie PC games to get off the ground, helping to spur the PC gaming scene and, in all likelihood, help Razer to sell more of its lifeblood, gaming PCs.


The gaming company's newest port contains code compatible with Android and can even be found on the Play Store, but it will refuse to allow itself to be installed on the average phone and, if the APK were sideloaded, would be unlikely to run well if forced. For those with the right devices, however, it's up for grabs at $7.99 for now, the same price that PC gamers can currently score the game for on Steam through the annual Steam Summer Sale. If you take a fancy to the game, it may be a good idea to act quickly – while there is no indication that the game will follow its PC counterpart up to $9.99 once the Steam Summer Sale is over, there's no evidence to the contrary, either.

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