Project Tango Renames Itself as Just "Tango"

While Google I/O might have come and gone, the Summer is only just getting started when it comes to technology, and now its Lenovo's turn. Lenovo's Tech World event, held on June 9th in San Francisco, seems to be an event full of cool new technology that will be launching in the next couple of years, but the event did have something very current to show off. Lenovo had previously partnered with Google and the Project Tango team, but this year the pair have worked together in order to launch the first consumer-grade Project Tango device in the form of the PHAB2 Pro. Except that now, it's no longer Project Tango, but just "Tango". Johnny Lee, the lead for Tango made the announcement on stage during Lenovo Tech World, and also introduced the new logo.

The new logo, which appears to be a reversed Google Play logo sports the same sort of font that Google Play as well as other Google products. This is presumably because Google is hoping to make Tango a technology as integrated into our lives as GPS and navigation is today. On stage, we saw all kinds of new demos, showing off not just the real world applications of Tango, but also the fun side of things. In one demo, Johnny Lee drew a fully-3D volume that represented a table, he was then able to move the PHAB2 Pro around in real time to get a look at how big this new piece of furniture looks in the real space. A "blueprint" was then generated and the user can then show this to someone else as a sort of guide on how big the item will be and how it will look. On the gaming side of things, Lee showed off a game that used Dominoes placed anywhere he wanted to in real time. This sort of demo just goes to show how Tango can be used to create interactive play experiences with nothing but a smartphone and the space around it.

Tango will be launching with Lenovo's PHAB2 Pro later this year for $499 and while that might be a steep cost at first, like any other technology, Tango should make its way into more affordable devices soon.

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