Original Samsung Galaxy J5 Now Getting Marshmallow


For 2015's original Samsung Galaxy J5, as long as Samsung adhered to their promise of getting better about updates, it was never a question of if the handset would see Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, but when. While 8 months after the original OS release is far from great, the answer is apparently now. The rollout of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is starting today for Samsung's Moto G competitor in India, and bringing a good number of new features along with it, such as a total overhaul of the phone's TouchWiz stylings to more closely mimic the software found on the newer flagship Galaxy handsets, replacing its Galaxy S6-aping look. Though there has been no definitive announcement on the matter, pushing the update out in India most likely means that other markets aren't far behind.

Along with the usual Marshmallow goodies, such as Doze Mode and more granular permissions control, the phone will be receiving a whole new visual style and some tweaks to things like vibration and power saving. The changelog also sports a mysterious entry that simply says "enhanced usability", which could be a number of things from CPU governor tweaks to memory fixes. Users are reporting a noticeable performance boost, as well as big changes to the quick settings panel and status bar, making the update quite the transformation. On the note of a total transformation, however, compatibility with Samsung's rather unique "Good Lock" UI has not been confirmed or denied at this point, leaving users who want it no option but to check for it in the Galaxy Apps store or sideload the APK to see for themselves.


The update will bring your phone up to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, with a build number of J500FXXU1BPF4. The Wi-Fi worthy OS-changing update comes in at a fairly hefty 874.17 megabytes. Since this phone is sold unlocked in most markets, that amount could cut into your data allowance, making Wi-Fi a recommendation not only for speed, but to save some end-of-the-month headache as well. If you're in India, a reboot should do the trick if you're not seeing it, but other markets may need to be a bit more patient.

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