OnePlus Explains Why They Never Made A Smartwatch


While the OnePlus 3 is set to arrive in the next couple of weeks, last year saw a fairly substantial amount of chatter on the possibility that the company would introduce a new line of wearables. In short, a OnePlus smartwatch. In fact, at one point during the year, it seemed extremely likely that the company would introduce their first smartwatch. Although as time went on nothing actually materialized on that front and the rumors and talk subsequently subsided. Today at the Converge technology conference in Hong Kong, Pete Lau of OnePlus, revealed some more details on why a OnePlus smartwatch never made it to market.

First up, Lau did confirm today that it was the company's plan to introduce a smartwatch and even going as far to note that they had "completed the design." However, in spite of the design being finished, OnePlus "decided to scrap it" anyway. While that might be disappointing for those who were hoping to pick up a OnePlus smartwatch, the reason behind the scraping was a logical one, as OnePlus wanted "to be focused" on their product selection and portfolio. In explaining this, Lau points to the current domestic climate for smartphone makers in China and noting how the market overall is in a race to the bottom. One which means that companies who are as small as OnePlus, compared to the likes of Huawei, have to be more selective on what devices they bring to market in order to survive. Lau notes that currently the Chinese domestic market "is a very cruel market" and one which requires them to be extremely focused in what they are doing. As a result, OnePlus opted to forgo the smartwatch industry for now and instead, continue to focus on establishing their presence within the smartphone market.


Of course, this does not necessarily mean that OnePlus will not enter the smartwatch market at some point. However, the comments made today by Lau do suggest at the moment it is certainly not something that is high up on their agenda. More to the point, it seems extremely unlikely that any additional products like a smartwatch will be announced or unveiled along with the OnePlus 3.

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