OnePlus Confirms No 4GB RAM Version Of The OnePlus 3 Coming

OnePlus 3 Soft Gold Press AH 10

Prior to the launch of the OnePlus 3, there were many rumors floating around about what the latest handset from OnePlus would bring. While one of the rumors, the inclusion of 6GB RAM, turned out to be true there had been multiple rumors suggesting that there would be multiple variants of the OnePlus 3 available. Variants which differed in RAM capacity (most notably a 4GB RAM version), differed in storage capacity and as you might expect, differed in price with some rumors suggesting the base model would start as low as $310.

However, when the official details finally did come through earlier today confirming the launch of the OnePlus 3, there was only one model. The one which comes boasting 6GB RAM, the Snapdragon 820 processor, 64GB storage and priced at $399 in the US. As a result, many have been left wondering if there still will be more affordable variants of the OnePlus 3 coming through at a later date. The short answer to this seems to be no.


Various members of the OnePlus team have been taking part in an AMA over on Reddit today and as part of the discussion, the topic of the other rumored variants has been brought up. In discussing this, OnePlus has now confirmed that there are no additional OnePlus 3 variants coming through. The only model will be the already announced 6GB RAM model. During the conversation, Carl Pei of OnePlus made it clear that they believe the one model format is right for them, as is the price. With Pei noting that “this is $10 more than OP2 at launch, yet we’ve made a lot improvements.” Further adding that they will continue to focus on the flagship sector of the market “and leave cheaper mid-range devices to those who do a better job than us in that category.” Therefore, if you had been planning on picking up one of the lower spec variants of the OnePlus 3, it does look unlikely that option will be available. Not to mention, this does also seem to highly suggest that it is unlikely there will be a sequel to the OnePlus X this year as well.