OnePlus 3 Survives Torture Test, Shows Off Its Build Quality


The OnePlus 3 had been announced a week ago, and it differs from its predecessor quite a bit, mainly due to its build. The OnePlus 3 is, unlike its predecessor, made out of aluminum (unibody build). The device still sports the fingerprint scanner below the display which doubles as a capacitive home key, and still offers a number of identical features to the OnePlus 2, but considering it's made out of metal, it should be more durable, right? Well, we're here to find out, JerryRigEverything managed to get his hands on the OnePlus 3, and he put the device through the usual set of tests, read on.

OnePlus' latest offering has proven to be quite durable in the aforementioned test, and the video down below proves it. The Gorilla Glass 4 display protection has proven to be quite reliable, and is on par with other Gorilla Glass 4-protected devices, confirms JerryRigEverything's display scratch test. As some of you might know, OnePlus 3's home key is made out of ceramic, which is great for durability considering it's incredibly difficult to scratch, that's a nice touch from OnePlus, that's for sure. The rear-facing camera is also well protected against scratching, and the logo on the back is embedded in the metal body really well and won't be falling out or anything of the sort. Speaking of the body, the OnePlus 3 sports a metal build, as already mentioned, but unlike the LG G5, it has no thick coating or primer on top of it, which means you'll be greeted with metal directly when you touch the device.


The phone's power / lock and volume rocker buttons are also made out of metal, which makes them quite durable as well, and they even handle scratches really well. Now, the interesting thing here is the fact that the earpiece is also made out of metal, which is yet another nice touch by OnePlus. OnePlus 3's display lasted 14 seconds in the flame test before the display started changing color, but unlike the Galaxy S7 Edge, its display recovered afterwards and was cold to the touch soon after. Onto the bend test, the source put quite a bit of pressure onto the device trying to snap it, and the display did pop out, but the phone did not break, unlike some other devices he has tested in the past. All in all, it seems like OnePlus did a really great job in terms of build quality this time around. If you'd like to take a look at the whole test, check out the embedded video down below.

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