OnePlus 3 & iPhone 6s Fingerprint Scanner Speeds Compared


The OnePlus 3 is the latest smartphone to come from OnePlus and generally speaking, seems to be proving popular with early owners and the media alike. However, the last few weeks has seen the OnePlus 3 facing some criticism thanks to a comparison video which recently emerged where the OnePlus 3 was pitted against the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on multitasking and speed.

It seemed the current RAM management system in use for the OnePlus 3 slowed down the performance of the device in its out of the box state. This eventually led to OnePlus explaining the way in which they manage RAM on the device and detailing a fix for this issue which can be applied to up the performance. As a result, the same YouTuber tested the OnePlus 3 (with the RAM fix included) against the Galaxy S7 Edge again and this time, the OnePlus 3 performed significantly better. Of course, it is not only the latest and greatest from Samsung that is being pitted against the OnePlus 3, as a new video has now emerged where the OnePlus 3 is compared against the iPhone 6s. In particular, in terms of the fingerprint scanner response time.


The fingerprint scanner on the OnePlus 2 did seem to be a little problematic for some owners both in terms of reliability and speed, although the recent update to Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) has seemed to greatly improve the performance overall. However, in terms of the OnePlus 3, OnePlus specifically note that the speed of the fingerprint sensor is one of the main selling points as it is said to be faster than a number of flagship smartphone alternatives. As a result, SuperSaf TV on YouTube has put those claims to the test. The video shows how the fingerprint scanner on the OnePlus 3 performs in terms of speed compared to the Apple iPhone 6s, beating it hands down in four variations of the test, including normal usage, from the lock screen and with animations turned off. You can check out the full video by hitting play below. Alternatively, you can also check out how well the OnePlus 3 held up during a torture test thanks to another recent YouTube video that has surfaced.

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