Nubia Announces Plans For Europe & Latin America

Nubia Logo AH2

Nubia is a China-based smartphone manufacturing company. This company had introduced the Nubia Z11 Mini and Z11 Max devices earlier this year, and we’re still waiting for them to unveil the Nubia Z11 (arriving on June 28th). Several additional Nubia-branded devices got certified by the FCC recently, and it seems like more than one will sport no bezel on the sides, which is interesting. That being said, Nubia has sent out an official press release in order to announce their product roadmap and plans for Europe and Latin America. Let’s see what is Nubia planning, shall we.

Nubia has announced that the consumers in Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Russia and Spain will soon get the chance to purchase the Nubia Z11, Z9 Mini and Z9 Max smartphones. “nubia has had success in China for the past three years, and now we are setting our sights on new international markets for expansion. We are excited for more consumers to experience nubia’s leading-edge mobile devices,” said Mai Donghai, Co-Founder of the Nubia brand. In addition to this, Nubia elaborated why Mexico and Argentina in specific. These two countries represent the second and third largest economy in Latin America, so it makes sense. Their 4G infrastructure is developing quickly, and e-commerce is growing as well, so Nubia sees these two companies as perfect targets in Latin America.


It seems like Chinese smartphone brands perform really well in Russia in terms of sales, and this is one of Nubia’s most important markets. In the first two months of this year, 1.2 million Chinese phones were sold in Russia, which represents a 50% increase compared to the same period last year. Nubia also thinks they have a big chance to grow in Germany and Spain, and they do plan to push their products to a number of additional countries later on, including France, Italy, Poland, Turkey, and a number of Southeast Asian countries, such as India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.

There’s a good reason why Nubia is aiming for fast expansion worldwide, Suning actually invested 1,93 billion Yuan ($297 million) recently, and they’re both interested in expanding Nubia’s business. It is also worth mentioning that a football superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, recently became Nubia’s brand ambassador, and Nubia is hoping this will help the company expand its brand awareness even further.