Nextbit Design Team To Hold Facebook Live Session


On Thursday, June 9, the design team behind the well-received Nextbit Robin will be taking to Facebook Live to talk about their design philosophies and some of the things that go into Nextbit's designs, both on the hardware spectrum and software-wise. They will also be talking about plans for the future, and previewing a few upcoming features that will be hitting the Robin via updates and going into future phones. The session will be led by Chief Design and Product Officer Scott Croyle, along with Head of Industrial Design Saro Nalbandian. The magic is set to happen at 8 AM PST, though the announcement did not say how long the session would run.

Nextbit's design philosophy, centered around the cloud and a smooth, seamless user experience on the software end and quite unique and distinct on the hardware end, should be expounded on quite nicely in this session, giving users a glimpse into just what the designers were thinking with the Robin and even how they intended users to approach the device and its quirky software. With the Head of Industrial Design and the Chief Design and Product Officer participating, users will not only have a glimpse into how the company works at the highest levels, but will get to see how the minds with the biggest influence on Nextbit's hardware see their product, and what their creative processes were to arrive at such a design.


As this is a Facebook Live session, the two Nextbit execs will be able to see people's reactions and comments in real time. Although these tend to flow by too fast to keep up with, there's a decent chance that some user questions may end up being answered. The session is probably not intended to be on the same level of depth as an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, of course; it's likely to focus more on a carefully planned out presentation for the users that the Nextbit staff created ahead of time. The opportunity for some spontaneity, of course, is still there, so the session will hopefully wind up being helpful, informative and very memorable.

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