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Microsoft's Xbox app transcends their SmartGlass app and brings together your gaming and media experiences across devices. Whether you have a Windows 10 gaming PC, an Xbox One or an Xbox 360, if you have any business on Microsoft's Xbox Live service, the app has something for you. Up until now, however, the full Xbox app was only available as a universal, or Metro UI, app for Windows 10. As of Monday, the app is available in Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store. By and large, the app looks and functions in much the same way as the Windows 10 app, with some minor UI tweaks to make it work better on mobile platforms.

The app packs all of the function of the SmartGlass beta apps that have been floating around on the Play Store, along with additional system control and social features that give the app the ability to be your all-in-one gaming hub for Microsoft platforms. Users can check out their friends' exploits and broadcasts via Twitch on Xbox Live, chat with those same friends, share stored game clips and updates, and even buy Xbox games from the Microsoft store. The app also allows users to check out interactive game content and interface with certain games' companion apps. With an Xbox One sitting around, the app allows users to use their phone to control the console's keyboard and touch controls, as well as control media playback. Facebook integration and contact importing is also on board, but game streaming of any sort is notably absent. Xbox 360 users, sadly, do not have the control features enjoyed by their Xbox One-owning counterparts.


The app is live in the Play Store right now, but you'll need a Microsoft account in order to sign in. If you do not have one, clicking the "Sign In" button will bring you to a screen where you can tap on "Create One!" to get yourself registered and get an Xbox Live Gamertag. If you have a Windows 10 or Windows 8 PC that you've created an account for, but not an Xbox Live Gamertag, you can use your current Microsoft account and create a Gamertag to link it to. The app requires an Xbox One to link up for certain features, but features that center around your Xbox Live account, such as interacting with friends, will work just fine without one.

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