New OnePlus Video Highlights OnePlus 2 Launch Preparations


The latest smartphone from OnePlus, the OnePlus 3, does look to only be a few days away from launch. Well, a little under two weeks until the device is officially unveiled on June 14. Either way, we are now very firmly in the OnePlus hype period with the company routinely releasing various promotional pieces to up the awareness before the launch. The latest of which is not actually for the OnePlus 3 but instead focuses on the current OnePlus flagship device, the OnePlus 2.

The OnePlus 2 was introduced last summer and was certainly a big event in the mobile calendar with the market watching closely to see if the company could recreate the success it achieved with their debut device, the OnePlus One. As a result, OnePlus looked to do things differently last year and decided to forgo the typical press product launch and instead opted to unveil the OnePlus 2 in virtual reality. In fact, this was essentially the first product launch in virtual reality ever. Following on from that unique launch and this is an approach which OnePlus is repeating again this year, with the OnePlus 3 also set to be debut in virtual reality. Coming back to the OnePlus 2 and leading up to the unveil, the company did embark on quite a sustained media presence before the event and highlighting the importance of their second device or "second album." On that particular note, OnePlus has released a video detailing the lead-up to the OnePlus 2 launch, titled "The Second Album: The Untold Story Behind the OnePlus 2 Launch."


The video is fairly long (coming in at just under 18 minutes) and provides a rare behind-the-scenes look at the preparations for the OnePlus 2 launch. As such, you can expect to see some footage on how they put the VR launch together, as well as footage on the OnePlus team meeting with fans during the other promotional events which were taken place around the same time. The video spans the 31 days prior to the launch and does include some interesting footage of the manufacturing process of the OnePlus 2. Those interested can check out the video in full by hitting play below.

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