New K-Series Device From LG shows Up On Geekbench

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With its mid-range and entry-level smartphones not finding as much traction in critical emerging markets as they may have hoped, LG Electronics decided to abandon its ‘L’ line of handsets late last year. In its place, what we now have is the ‘K’ series of devices that straddle the entire spectrum from the basic entry-level segment to the premium mid-range. While LG has already launched a number of devices as part of its new lineup, the company is now believed to be working on at least one more such handset to add to its burgeoning portfolio. Identified only as the LG-K557, the upcoming device has now been spotted on the Geekbench database, revealing a few important hardware specs.

Although not much is known at this stage about the upcoming device, the listing on Geekbench suggests that it will come with a Qualcomm SoC with an octa-core CPU under the hood. What we also get to know from the listing is that the phone will launch with just the 2 GB of RAM, although, there’s no real indication of how much storage the device will come with out of the box. The handset, however, will have Android Marshmallow pre-installed. Nothing more is known from the Geekbench listing at the moment, but it shouldn’t be too long before the device is made official by the South Korean consumer electronics major.


It remains to be seen what kind of response LG gets for its K-series smartphones now that the company has already launched a whole host of devices as part of the lineup. Some of the K-series handsets that have already been launched this year after the company discontinued the erstwhile L-series, includes the likes of the LG K3, which is, by far and wide, the most humble of the lot in terms of hardware specs. At the upper end of the spectrum, the K10 and the K8 have also been launched, but now that they’re both in the market, it will be interesting to note which one represents just the right value for its clientele who will be using these devices with their prepaid connections for the most part.

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