Netflix Gets New 'N' Logo on Android

Netfli New Logo AH 01

Android has never been short of options where streaming content is concerned, with the likes of YouTube and other apps having always been available since Android first launched. Over the years however, more and more services have moved over to Android, with what used to be a platform playing second-fiddle to iOS now a major target for content providers. Netflix and HBO GO have become two of the biggest names on any platform out there these days, and the former is updating its look on mobile a little bit, by changing the look and feel of its app icon.

Small changes like these often come across as insignificant, but the designers of Netflix’s mobile app will no doubt see it a little differently. It seems as though this is going to be a change that might only effect the mobile apps, but it also appears to have made the jump to both Netflix’s Facebook and Twitter profiles, too. The icon is now a black icon with a red ‘N’ in the center, gone is the white background with the word Netflix strewn across it. The change is likely an attempt to make it easier and quicker to find on mobile devices as a big, red N is arguably easier to find than looking for the word squished into a small icon. Whatever the reason behind the change, it’s now live in the Android app as well as Netflix’s social profiles across the web. Perhaps they were going for an Alphabet sort of change with “N is for Netflix” crossing their mind?

The new icon comes with the update to version 4.7 on Android, and it seems to be live in the Play Store right now, so many of you will already have noticed the new icon. If not, sit tight, these updates often appear in rollouts over time, so the small update will be with you shortly. As controversy surrounding VPNs as well as a recent price increase surround the streaming network, it makes us wonder whether or not the slight change in branding is a way of freshening up their image for the future. Regardless, it looks nice and will certainly make it easier for some people to find on their Android smartphones and tablets.