Nest's New CEO Reassures Employees That Nest Is Not For Sale

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Nest has seen its fair share of headlines of late. In reality, this is not a new thing as ever since Google purchased Nest back in 2014, the company has repeatedly hit the headlines with criticisms of poor sales, employee unrest and generally a bad feeling within the Nest walls. Problems which only seemed to intensify when Next spread its wings and became its own company under Alphabet. As such and when taken together, these reports have continually led to much speculation on the future of Nest and whether it would be sold off at some point.

A notion which gained even more traction when the news broke last week confirming that the then Nest CEO, Tony Fadell, was flying the coop and leaving the company. The man brought in to replace Fadell was Marwan Fawaz and it seems one of Fawaz’s first jobs is to try and quell the unrest and realign the perception of Nest, both internally and outside. A job which is beginning with Fawaz reassuring staff that Nest is not for sale.


An internal memo sent out by Fawaz to Nest employees has now been picked up by The Verge and while on the face of it, this is more of a ‘welcome letter’ to the team, the memo does highlight that one of its main purpose is to alleviate some of the unrest. In talking about the forward direction for Nest (under Fawaz), the memo notes that the intention for Nest “is to scale and grow with innovative products.” Along with the very clear statement that “Nest is not for sale.” Further adding to what seems to be a general employee feeling of uncertainty, the memo also picks up on that “many of you have asked if there’s a change in strategy or direction.” A notion Fawaz is quick (and to the point) in stating “There is not.” Before further explaining that the company’s objective remains the same, keeping to the same roadmap that was already in place.

Of course, whether this will help to alleviate both internal and external concerns over Nest, remains to be seen. However, what is clear is the current memo does act as further evidence that as well as the already widely reported on general feeling of unhappiness at Nest, there is also a general feeling of uncertainty there now too.