Motorola Says Moto Z Is Not A Replacement For Moto X

Just as people were somewhat surprised at Sony for unveiling the Xperia X lineup that essentially replaces the Xperia Z family of devices, there was a little bit of shock when rumors were confirmed to be true about the name change up for Motorola's new phones that are now known as the Moto Z family, which includes the Moto Z, the Moto Z Force, the Moto Z DROID Edition, and the Moto Z Force DROID Edition. Initially, these were thought of as a replacement for the Moto X line since Motorola did not announce any new Moto X devices at yesterday's Tech World 2016 conference, but according to Motorola that is apparently not the case, and Moto Z is not a replacement for Moto X.

The two device lineups are not one in the same, and neither gives way to the other. Motorola states that Moto Z simply provides a "different experience" than Moto X, which may suggest that Motorola will have a new Moto X device to show off at some point in the future, although, they did not say as much. For now, it's best to think of the Moto X phones as still having a place in the family, as Motorola Notes that Moto X is alive and well. Having said that, there is always the possibility that Motorola may end up focusing more on the Moto Z in markets where it feels that the device will do better than the Moto X, which could mean less support or no Moto X device for that region.

Motorola views the addition of Moto Z as adding to its portfolio for a more robust offering to consumers, and with the sort of hardware specifications that are on offer from the Moto Z devices it isn't too difficult to see that it's a little more high-end than the Moto X Pure Edition was last year. If Moto X is to continue in the lineup of phones that Motorola and Lenovo have on offer, it will more than likely sit as a super mid-range device that is not quite high-end and just a little bit more than mid-range. If that's the case, and it sounds like it just might be, that is probably going to suit a portion of consumers just fine as the Moto X has typically offered pretty decent specs for a lower out of pocket cost.

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