Most 'T-Mobile Tuesdays' Offers For This Week Get Extended


T-Mobile's Uncarrier movement has been nothing short of game-changing. While some of the older moves like getting rid of contracts and implementing zero-rated music streaming may have been the real precedent-setters that got the other carriers dancing to T-Mobile's offbeat new tune under John Legere, recent Uncarrier moves still have their merits. T-Mobile Tuesdays, part of Uncarrier 11, was enough of a success to utterly overwhelm a nationwide pizza chain, leaving no question as to the popularity of the move among subscribers, all questions of commercial viability and utility aside. That said, some users found this Tuesday that the app was chugging along a bit slowly or not working properly. According to a Tweet from T-Mobile COO Mike Sievert, not only is T-Mobile Tuesdays up and running again, but most of the offers sent out on Tuesday, June 21 will be good through Friday, rather than expiring after Tuesday is over like the offers have in the past.

While it's unknown if it was high traffic or other errors that caused it, many users that opened up T-Mobile Tuesdays today were greeted by a message saying that they had already played a mini-game for one of this week's prizes, an online gift card for the official online MLB merchandise shop, with values going up to $100, as well as the possibility of a full, all expenses paid MLB VIP experience. For some, the app simply went incredibly slow, and yet others found that it had completely broken down. Sievert took to Twitter before the issue was resolved to tell troubled users to call the Uncarrier's customer service line via the 611 shortcut to get the coupon codes they sought.


Other rewards for the week include a $20 coupon for the online MLB shop, a free Frosty at Wendy's, a Lyft ride coupon valued at $15, and a free movie rental from Vudu. Although Sievert's Tweet indicates that the final redemption deadline for most of these rewards has been moved up to Friday, the dates in the app all still show an expiration of the rewards set to happen once the date officially changes to June 22. While T-Mobile Tuesdays has thus far seen some issues, it is vastly popular and may help not only to retain loyal customers, but to score new subscribers.

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