Master & Dynamic Launch MW60 Bluetooth Headphones in Black


If the continuing trend of Android manufacturers – such as LeEco and Motorola – as well as rumors surrounding the new iPhone to get rid of the 3.5mm connector on future devices, then many will be looking to go totally wireless. The humble 3.5mm port has served us well, and will no doubt do so for years to come, but smartphones are changing and Bluetooth has gotten pretty damn good these days, but you still need the right pair of headphones to go with that. If you're not short of money and like the finer things in life, then you might have heard of Master & Dynamic before, an audio brand out of New York, New York that prides themselves on offering great sound with great build and presentation. Now, they're releasing their wireless MW60 headphones in an all-new, all black colorway.

The MW60 are, well, one of the more expensive wireless headphones out there; retailing for $549. That's a hell of a lot for a pair of headphones, but as we discovered in our review, these sound great, have scarily-good Bluetooth range and sound like you're listening to a high-end HiFi, let alone a pair of wireless, foldable headphones. That price tag also secures the excellent build of the MW60 which combines aluminum with genuine Lambskin leather; there's no cheap plastic making up the construction here. Master & Dynamic are a firm dead set on creating thoughtful products that not only look good, but stand the test of time, with models sold as lasting for decades on end.

This new colorway is all black, and is subtly different from the black and gunmetal gray that it launched in. As good-looking headphones go, this new black colorway is easily one of the more polished out there, and they sure look the part no matter what your style is. If that price tag is too much for you however, the MH40, the wired model of these essentially, is a little cheaper at $399 and is available in a much-wider array of colors. To go wireless in style, albeit with a price tag however, this new color from Master & Dynamic is one of the better-sounding and better-built options out there right now.


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