Making An Edible Virtual Reality Headset Is Possible

Google Cardboard, the simple yet ingenious Virtual Reality headset made out of cardboard that has made viewing VR content on your phone easy and cheap plus widely available to everyone. Although it has been around for a couple of years, it is still widely used and over 5 million units have been shipped worldwide. More sophisticated VR headsets such as HTC's Vive VR headset and the Oculus Rift have been produced as VR technology advances and as more VR headsets are released, the more crowded the VR market is getting and VR manufacturers have to get more creative when bringing a new VR headset to the drawing board. This is where Caleb Kraft from Make comes in. Kraft decided to take the Google Cardboard and make it totally edible! Well almost totally edible save for the lenses. He envisioned the edible headset to be something like a gingerbread house.

According to Kraft, he imposed a rule that the whole VR headset had to be edible including the lenses and he planned to do that by using biconvex lenses as a mold and make the lenses out sugar glass and gelatin for the lenses but he lacked the time needed to make them. In the end, he amended the rule to "everything must be edible except for the lenses". To make the structure of the headset, Kraft decided to use Graham crackers and to glue them together, he used icing. Making the edible VR headset didn't go too well for Kraft the first time as it fell apart in his lap when he picked it up. Kraft didn't give up though and made another one which fortunately held together this time round and according to Kraft, the edible VR headset actually worked.

While this edible VR headset may not be very practical for viewing VR content, it can be a very fun and simple enough project to do with family or friends on a weekend if you have Graham crackers and icing lying around somewhere. However, you would probably make a mess after that with Graham crackers and icing all over the place but on the bright side, you get to eat the VR headset once you're done with it! If you want to see Caleb Kraft make the edible VR headset and then eat it, you can watch the video below.

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