Lowe's Has One Of The First Third-Party Tango Apps


Recently, it was revealed that Lenovo would be putting out the first consumer device to sport Google's Tango technology. Lenovo's PHAB2 Pro, a  fairly high-end smartphone, boasts all of the right sensors and other assorted software and hardware to make Google's Tango work. It also boasts the privilege of being the first consumer device, phone or otherwise, to be Tango-compatible. At their Tech World conference on Thursday, Lenovo revealed not only the large phone itself, but one of the first third-party, consumer-facing augmented reality apps made to run on its enormous 6.4 inch screen; an app from home improvement store Lowe's.

The new app from Lowe's is made to work hand in hand with Tango to make it easy to preview any home improvement projects and pieces of furniture or appliances, seeing exactly how they'll look in your home through the magic of Tango's advanced augmented reality technology. The app can check out the measurements and materials in your home to let you see exactly how something will or won't fit, or how new carpet or flooring may look. Just about any improvement is assumed to be fair game, from checking out a new shower curtain and toilet along with a small rug, to using terra cotta instead of wood for your floors. Not much more information was released, but it's safe to assume that the app will have some kind of integration with Lowe's product catalog to ensure that users who preview something will actually be able to buy it.


On top of offering up an app for Tango, it was revealed that Lowe's will be offering the PHAB2 Pro in their stores. The large handset will come to users unlocked, for the price of $500. For now, there is no word on carrier models and, if so, whether those will also be offered, though it is a possibility. Sporting a 2560 x 1440 screen to view Tango apps on, the phone is powered by a "Tango Edition" of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor that was built specifically for the PHAB2 Pro and a 4,050mAh. A 16-megapixel camera with some special features, paired with various sensors, will deliver the Tango magic. At $500, specs like those along with Tango compatibility makes for a pretty fair deal.

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