Logitech Harmony Support for Amazon Echo in Beta Testing

We've all been there: a ton of different remotes for a ton of different things. Finding which one works for which device is only half the battle, sometimes you have to find the remote first. If you haven't yet given the Logitech Harmony a try, it's a great universal remote packed with a ton of features aimed to simplify your life. By only having one remote for all of your devices in your entertainment arsenal, not only can you slim down your coffee table remote collection, you'll theoretically have less remotes to lose in the couch. The Logitech Harmony controllers range from your entry model with a monochrome screen to more advanced remotes like the Logitech 1100.

While having one remote for everything can relieve a little relax time mishaps, what if instead you could just yell commands out to Alexa? Based on an email circulating around, Logitech is planning to do just that. That is, allow you to yell at your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Amazon Tap to control the devices that are currently controlled by your Harmony remote. It appears that they are asking current owners to help beta test the features that Logitech has planned, and then provide some feedback on the experience and said features. Furthermore, it doesn't look like signing up is a guarantee that you'll get to participate in the beta, as the email says "If selected, we'll email you details on how to connect your Harmony remote with Alexa and how to provide feedback."

Together with Amazon Echo's ability to connect with just about everything, and the inclusion of IFTTT for the stuff that doesn't, the official support from Logitech will only mean that a full suite of features is headed for the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Tap. Not only that, these features will improve and mature with more use, and of course, a little bit of time. There's no real set in stone date for when support will arrive, but the beta should definitely further the efforts along. Currently there's no word on when this feature may be openly available for Alexa and Logitech users.

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