LG VPInput Makes Your Phone Part Of Your Workspace

While many more traditional workplaces may frown upon any use of a mobile phone at all, savvy workers are well aware that its capabilities make it a useful tool for things like managing workflow, keeping track of things and performing quick tasks, also boasting the ability to keep you in contact and your files and work synced up on the go. Any interruptions to normal workflow, however, have been proven to seriously set workers back, causing distraction for minutes at a time for some. Even a few seconds taking your hands off of your mouse and keyboard to check something or do something on your phone could cause minutes of lost productivity. When minutes count, LG has you covered with their newest app for a few of their flagship phones, LG VPInput.

The app works in a fairly similar manner to some apps that require root and allow you to control your phone with your PC, but with a few added perks. The first of which, of course, is ease of use. For one, the app will work on any stock, unrooted LG G4, G5 or V10 handset, though the press release did not say whether the app would be blocked on rooted phones or not. The ease of use goes a bit further, however, by allowing you to connect your phone to your computer via Bluetooth. While some older computers lack Bluetooth, a cheap USB dongle can fix this and allow you to use the app. Once it's all set up, you can control your phone with your mouse and keyboard as if you were touching it, making it just another screen in your workspace instead of a separate entity requiring mental disengagement from your workflow. You can also take screenshots of what's on your phone at any given time and copy and paste text to and from it. Finally, the function keys on your computer can be assigned to apps and functions on your phone, making work and, when the manager isn't around of course, play easy.

The app is already available in the Play Store, but shows as incompatible for non-LG phones. Owners of compatible devices, however, will have no trouble installing the app, though compatibility for the companion app is not touched on in the Play Store listing or LG's press release. Presumably, the application should work for most modern PCs running Windows 7 and up, along with Linux systems through Wine and Mac OS systems through Crossover or the Mac version of Wine, but no guarantees are made.

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