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As of this writing, Lenovo's Tech World 2016 conference in San Francisco has come to an end. The day was filled with interviews, hands on demos, announcements and all sorts of other assorted craziness that will keep tech media churning out stories, spins and editorials for days, if not weeks. Although it didn't live up to the magic of Google I/O or the hype of CES or MWC, Tech World still marked a few important debuts this year, such as the first in the new Moto Z flagship lineup and the first ever phone to sport Google's Tango AR technology. Thus, the various videos cropping up from both official and unofficial sources are definitely worth a watch.

Through the source link, you'll find a huge number of videos on an official channel that show off new tech that hit during the conference, as well as a humorous intro to the conference that plays its part as the beginning of a recap lasting over 2 hours. There are also numerous special features on offer, such as the journey of a particular box, and a good number of videos detailing happenings on the floor and on the way there. Things like smart shoes, the Moto Z and the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro made a showing in the video playlist, giving those who couldn't make it to the conference a great way to have a look at exactly what went down, what got announced and even take a tour of some of the products that hit the stage.


The massive, 2-plus hour recap, complete with keynotes, is definitely worth a watch for those who are interested to see the directions Lenovo is taking, both in and out of the mobile world. Everything from laptops to phones and even servers ended up finding their way into the video, making it a fairly consummate look at just what conference attendees got to see in person. The videos are all up on Lenovo's official channel right now, polished up and put together while the festivities were still going and uploaded very soon after. Thus, if you couldn't make it to Tech World this year, head through the source link to get a good look at what you missed.

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