Lenovo Tech World 2016: Wrap-Up

For weeks and weeks prior to today's event, there was much speculation about what we would end up seeing from Lenovo. The only real confirmed piece of information was that Lenovo would be officially unveiling the first consumer-facing Tango-powered device, a smartphone that is now officially known as the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro. What wasn't expected was Lenovo announcing two other devices as part of the PHAB2 lineup that would target slightly different areas of the consumer market. All three phones, which include the PHAB2, the PHAB2 Plus, and the PHAB2 Pro, will be available globally starting this Fall, in September, for the prices of $199, $299, and $499 respectively.

Aside from the PHAB2 line of devices, it was also rumored that Lenovo would likely be showing off the new Moto Z, and sure enough they announced the Moto Z officially in all its glory, with its super slim profile and sleek metal finish design around the frame and the back. The Moto Z wasn't alone though, as Lenovo also announced other Moto Z variants, the Moto Z Force, as well as two devices exclusive to Verizon Wireless, the Moto Z DROID Edition and Moto Z Force DROID Edition. The style of the phones look exactly the same, save for the "moto" logo that is etched on the back camera sensor, which says "DROID" on the back of the Verizon models.

Also shown off at the event were the Moto Mods, the highly anticipated accessories that consumers will be able to use to augment their phone's functions by simply snapping on a case to the back. There will be Style Mods which are simply cases you can swap out on the back to give your device some personalization, including wood styles, leather styles, and ballistic nylon styles. There were also two prototypes to see, both carrying a flexible display, one being a smartphone that can bend and snap/wrap around your wrist like a cuff to be worn, the other being a tablet that could be folded up and easily placed into a briefcase or bag pocket. Keep in mind, these were just prototypes and nowhere near completion, so there's no telling how long it will be before Lenovo makes them an obtainable piece of hardware. If you happened to miss anything from the conference today, you can find a round up of all the articles on the event coverage below.

PHAB2 Pro With Tango/PHAB2/PHAB2 Plus

Moto Z

Moto Mods

Flexible Tech

Wearable Tech


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