Lenovo To Continue Making Tango Devices After PHAB2 Pro


Lenovo's Tech World conference on Thursday was chock full of announcements of all sorts, but that wasn't all that went down. As with any other tech conference, members of the media were present, and where there are media employees, you'll find interviews going on. One such interview was with Jeff Meredith, Lenovo's VP of just about anything having to do with Android and Chrome. From their Android phones to Chromebooks and everything in between, the second-in-command has had a say in products like the Lenovo ThinkPad X131e Chromebook, bringing the legend of the Thinkpad into the Chrome OS world, to the newly announced Lenovo PHAB2 Pro, sporting compatibility with Google's Tango platform. That platform, as it turns out, will grace many more Lenovo products in the future.

In the past, Lenovo has expressed interest in building something to compete with Microsoft's HoloLens platform. Products featuring Tango, depending on how they're made, could fit the bill quite nicely. Meredith made it a point to say that the PHAB2 Pro was not a one-hit wonder, but will be the foundation of a new line within Lenovo's catalog. The company could also leverage Tango technology to make AR and VR headsets, controllers and other gear. Having also expressed interest in Google's fledgling Daydream VR platform, it's not hard to imagine Lenovo crafting a headset that combines the two, along with software to have it all run seamlessly.


Meredith also expressed that Lenovo would be focusing on the user, building out from possible use cases rather than throwing a product out there and leaving it up to the user to figure out what they want from it. Purpose-built Tango gear for enterprise and labor purposes, for example, could crop up, or a high-end VR/AR combo gaming headset sporting both Tango and Daydream tech, allowing the user to play hardcore games in their own environment, or even a virtual approximation of it with the game's elements superimposed thereon. It is interesting to note, however, that Lenovo does not currently have any devices in the works that leverage Google's Daydream platform, and using Daydream on a device requires a certification of compatibility; most likely, this means that these plans will be in the far future, though getting a bloodline going based on the PHAB2 Pro is entirely likely in the interim.

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