Leak: Another Moto Z Render Appears Ahead of Announcement

Screen Shot 2016 06 07 at 12.46.00 PM

The Moto Z is slated to be announced this week at Lenovo’s Tech World event in San Francisco. We’ve seen a slew of leaks about the device already, as well as the different MotoMods that will be sold alongside the device. These MotoMods will do a variety of different things for the modular Moto Z, which is expected to be available in two different models – a Moto Z Play and Moto Z Style. We’ve seen the back and front of the device already, and now it looks like we’re getting a look at the side of the device.

This render here doesn’t show us much, but it does show that the power button and volume rocker are both on the right side of the smartphone. Additionally, there is a protruding camera on the back. Which leads us to believe that this render does not have the Style Mod on the back of the Moto Z. As we saw in the leaks this past weekend, the Style Mod makes the camera flush with the back of the device. You probably noticed how thin the Moto Z is in this render. And that’s because the device is rumored to be about 5.2mm thin. Which would make it one of the thinest smartphones around. And is likely why we’ve been seeing teasers featuring the Motorola RAZR for this event on Thursday.


We already know a ton of details about the Moto Z, but there are still a few secrets that will likely be kept under wraps until the Lenovo Tech World keynote takes place on Thursday morning. However, we do know that the Moto Z Style is going to be sporting a 5.5-inch Quad HD AMOLED display, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and have at least two variants sporting either 3GB or 4GB of RAM, respectively. There will also be a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera and a somewhat small 2600mAh battery inside powering the Moto Z Style. Meanwhile, the Moto Z Play is slightly lower-end with its 5.5-inch display being of the Full HD variety, powered by a Snapdragon 625, with 2GB and 3GB of RAM variants, and a 16MP rear-facing camera. The Moto Z Play is also rumored to sport a 3500mAh battery.