Google's Project Fi App Updated With US Cellular Support

Last year, Google introduced the Google Project Fi. This is Google's take on a pre-paid mobile virtual network operator or cellular carrier, offering a simple plan for Nexus device customers. Project Fi aims to combine the cellular networks of T-Mobile USA and Sprint with Wi-Fi hotspots and a Google VPN, virtual private network, offering unlimited minutes and text messages for $20 a month and data for $10 per gigabyte. The Nexus device used will roam between the Sprint and T-Mobile networks using the one with the better service, but will also handle calls and messaging over a compatible Wi-Fi network. The Project Fi application, which is included on compatible Nexus smartphones and activated when the device detects a Project Fi SIM card, enables the network hopping and Wi-Fi VPN creation aspects of the service. Furthermore, it's important to remind customers that this $20 charge is per month and includes free international roaming including data across over 140 countries in the world. Furthermore, customers are refunded for any data that they do not use over the period. For the international traveler, the Project Fi service could save an awful lot of money.

Officially, the Project Fi service is supported by the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P although customers have successfully tried the service on a number of other devices including the Apple iPhone. These non-Nexus devices are not compatible with the Project Fi application, which is how the device understands how to switch between the Sprint and T-Mobile US networks. Instead, non-Nexus customers must manually pick a carrier for their device to use with the Project Fi SIM card. We also cannot recommend using a non-Nexus device on the Project Fi service as Google will not support the service and could terminate the account.

Today's story concerns the recent reports that Google negotiated a deal with one of North America's largest regional cellular providers, US Cellular. Google announced this deal a few weeks ago but until now, the Google Fi application had not been included with this support. The update is now going live and will be available for compatible customers and devices on a rolling basis: if you are using Google Fi and you haven't received the update yet, even using the source below, it should arrive in the next few days.

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