Google Unveils The Statue For Android Nougat

Android Nougat Statue e1467309087110

For months Android enthusiasts have been on a roller coaster ride of teases, leaks, and speculation on what the official name would be for Android N. Long thought to be Nutella which seemed to be the most popular choice among most of the public, today Google has officially revealed the name for Android N as Android Nougat. Following the reveal of the name, Google has also just unveiled the statue which will represent this version of the OS and join the ranks among the others which include Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat, Jelly Bean and others.

With every new version of Android Google ends up constructing an official statue to sit on the grounds of their main headquarters and Nougat is the latest, and although Google has been forthright about the official name of Android N, they still have not mentioned when the launch will be. Having said that, all Google has kept quiet on is the exact launch date for the final version release, as they have given a time frame of sometime this Summer for the launch of the final build. In between now and then, there should also be one more build of the Android N developer preview as there were supposed to be five builds, and Google has only released four as of a couple of weeks ago. With an official name reveal from earlier this morning, it’s entirely possible that the release of the fifth and final build of the Android N Developer Preview could be imminent.


Now that the statue has been made public, all that’s left is for Google to launch Android Nougat out to users, which should end up launching alongside the rumored new Nexus devices that are thought to be coming from HTC. As with every other Android version release there are some users who aren’t too happy with the name, and that seems to be the case this time around as well, with multiple users expressing their thoughts across social media and being in favor of Nutella over Nougat. It isn’t clear when Google settled on Nougat as the official name, but they did allow people to vote on the name of this release, which they mentioned back during Google I/O last month.