Google To Up Subscription Profits For App Developers

Developing applications for the Android platform can be a lucrative business, especially if you're a well-known developer with a rather large following and you have more than one application available. There are numerous pay models that a developer can take when choosing to develop an app for the Play Store and the Android ecosystem, one of which is a subscription-based model. Today, Google has just announced that it's going to be raising the profits for developers who have apps with a subscription fee to an 85 percent cut of the overall revenue, while Google takes a more modest 15 percent share.

While this is all well and good, and developers who have such apps are sure to be excited about this change. Google is taking things a step further, though, and is allowing developers to take advantage of the larger chunk of subscription profits immediately (once the increase is implemented), which sends a rather significant message to developers that Google is highly interested in keeping or gaining their business for the platform, as Apple will be offering a similar revenue increase for subscription-based apps, but developers won't see that increase up from 70 percent until users have subscribed to the app for a 12-month period.

This should make Google's platform a lot more enticing to those who may not already develop for it, of course, since this is only in reference to subscription-based apps it likely won't matter at all to developers who don't offer applications on that sort of pay model. Then again, it might be reason enough to care as they could start work towards an app which comes free but has a subscription fee tacked onto it. There is no detail just yet on when Google will start to implement these revenue changes, so for now things are stuck on the current profit share. The revenue-split is a bold move though from a company who already commands the larger marketshare of users, but has struggled to make more revenue from apps when compared to Apple's App Store. With Google offering developers a larger cut of the profits from the start, it should drum up more interest in the platform and drive developers to put out better apps in order to get more users to pay for subscriptions. This new revenue change follows another move Google recently announced that could help developers in the long run, as they will seek to hand out certification to developers who consistently put out first-rate app experiences.

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