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When it comes to knowing about something, pretty much anything, most people turn to Google to find the answer. This is one of Google's greatest strengths and most lucrative sides of its business and as a result, the company is always looking for ways in which it can streamline the ability to get the information you want in the quickest and easiest fashion. The last example of which has now been announced today as Google has confirmed in a blog posting that over the course of the coming days, the way in which information related to medical conditions is displayed on Search will change. In short, Google will now look to provide information on conditions related to searches conducted on specific symptoms. The newly presented information will include direct possibilities of what is causing the symptoms noted, as well as an overview description and even options which can be used as self-treatments for the symptoms.

The reason why Google states they are making this change is two-fold. Firstly, Google notes that about 1-percent of all searches on Google are related to the seeking of information on symptoms. When you consider how many searches are made through Google, even 1-percent is a significant number. Secondly, Google notes that finding out information on health-related content can sometimes be much more difficult than it should be. Especially, considering that this is an area which is not only personal but can be of extreme importance in the most severe of cases. As a result, Google is looking to make sure that not only the information someone is looking for is providing quickly, but is also provided accurately and not in a scaremongering manner. An extension of the type of medical features Google has been working on in the past.


Of course, Google does note that this should only be used for informational purposes and for those who are genuinely concerned about a health-related issue, they should contact and consult a doctor. Although, if you are keen to start making use of the newly improved Google feature, Google notes the update will begin rolling out to mobile users in the next few days. This will be a feature which primarily rolls out to English language content in the U.S., although Google has noted they plan to increase the feature internationally with additional language support in the future.

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