Google To Be More "Opinionated" When It Comes To Nexus


When it comes to the Android ecosystem, for many reasons, Nexus devices are extremely sought after devices. As well as generally coming with some of the best in class specs and build qualities, these are typically the first devices to come running a polished and final version of the latest edition of Android. Which for this year will be Android N. As such, any news on Nexus is news and this year has already seen a number of reports coming through suggesting that HTC will be building not one but two Nexus devices. Not to mention, the last year has seen a number of reports suggesting a possible 'Google Phone' which could be on the way. One which is made by Google and offers a more streamlined Google vision of Android from software to hardware.

Today, at Vox Media's Code Conference, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, has been talking about the future of Nexus. While the conversation did not reveal anything too dramatic, it did provide some insight into Google's forward-thinking view of the Nexus line. In terms of a Google Phone, Pichai did make it clear that this is not high up on the company's agenda. Noting that "Android is a very open ecosystem, the answer may not be a global one player answering it every part of the world." Pichai continued to explain that different markets require different devices and while Pichai did not specifically state there will not be a Google Phone, he did seem to be downplaying the notion of one, or at least the importance of one by drawing on the widespread use of Android by multiple manufacturers. According to Pichai, "You have great examples of regional players in places like India China, which serve the needs of those markets very well."


Moving to Nexus and although Google seems keen to continue to work with manufacturers in building Google-endorsed smartphones, Pichai did make it clear that they will be far more "opinionated" in the future on Nexus. According to Pichai, "You'll see us put more thought into Nexus devices, there are categories beyond phones, we'll be opinionated where we need to be to push the category forward." So while it is clear that Google's preference for now is for third-party manufacturers to continue building the Nexus line, it is also clear that Google does want to be more involved in the process and have their viewpoint come through clearer in the end product. Which is a sentiment that has recently been mentioned before with Google reportedly looking to take more control of Nexus going forward.

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