Google Shows Off Tango in Three New Videos

Following the grand reveal of the first consumer-facing Tango device at Lenovo's Tech World conference, being the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro, Google has seen fit to show off just a few of the ways that people can make use of Tango. While the ability to map out an indoor space in 3D using special sensors may seem like a bit of a niche application to some, Google's new videos prove that just about everybody could have some use for their new pet project, while serving double duty as nifty advertisements for the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro. The $500 phone is seen in all three videos, taking advantage of its Tango capabilities to serve users in a variety of ways.

In one video, Google shows how Tango can show a user an alternate view of reality in a very accurate fashion. The demonstration is a little girl's room being plotted out for plans to be outfitted with a new bed. Using Tango, the girl and an older woman, presumably her mother, pick a bed and see exactly how it will look in the room. The next video shows off Tango's ability to run physics-intensive simulations on top of the real world by having a user fly a virtual plane into a virtual stack of dominoes, causing them to topple just as real dominoes would. The third video shows a user being given a tour of a virtual planetarium, superimposed over an otherwise mostly empty room.

In all three videos, the virtual subject looks almost photorealistic, speaking to Tango's graphics optimization; even on the PHAB2 Pro's  Snapdragon 652 chip, an Adreno 510 chip is hosted, which outclasses many of last year's flagships GPUs and allows for incredible realism and horsepower - there is no stuttering or lag with the images. The sensors, likewise, do an excellent job of tracking the user's perspective and making the illusion very realistic. The three videos go to great lengths to showcase Tango's power and possible use cases and should stir up considerable interest, as should an upcoming Nat & Lo video on Tango, a preview of which is available on the same channel as the three videos of Tango in action.

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