Google Now Will Keep You Informed On Euro 2016 & Copa América


At the moment, there is quite the increase on news coming out of Europe. For instance, Google seems to be still having issues with the European Commission, while the European Commission is also constantly debating how they can offer a more universal level of service for cellular customers. A prime example being how to accommodate those customers who make use of data streaming services while roaming. Then there is the whole Brexit thing as well and whether the UK will vote to leave or to remain. Of course, for the football (soccer in the U.S.) fans, much of those current affairs topics will pale into insignificance by the end of this week.

That is thanks to the UEFA Euro 2016 officially starting on June 10. The opening Game will see France take on Romania, while June 11 will bring with it England against Russia, Sunday sees Germany taking on Ukraine and Monday Spain will look to overcome the Czech Republic. And they are just a few of the exciting bouts which will be taking place during the opening days. Of course, for those who follow the worldwide football scene, the Copa América is also underway with the various South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) teams battling it out to see who can take the crown and win the 'America's Cup'.


So the next week and month will see plenty of football action regardless of where you live and if you do want to keep up to date on everything football-related then it looks like Google has you covered. More specifically, Google Search and Google Now as both services are providing easy to find information on both events. Providing you have done the legwork and have searched for either event through Google, then Now is showing Cards that are directly related to the two tournaments, including asking which team news you would like to follow. Speaking of which, if you happen to already be searching for specific teams then you can expect to receive Google Now Cards with team-specific information and news during the events. While if you are not a fan of using Google Now, then Search will provide highlighted results which will keep you informed on all the games, scores and news in general.

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