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Google's own app for Android, the main Google app, acts as a hub to just about anything you may need to do on your phone. For most, it serves as an end-all-be-all gateway to apps, contacts and actions. With Google Now and its new On Tap feature in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the app is more convenient and easy to use than ever before, but it's still far from perfect, with a great number of possible fixes standing between it and true perfection. One of those fixes is a more convenient way to take action on your contacts. Currently, typing a contact's name into the Google app will bring you to their Contact page on your device. According to a screenshot that's made its way onto Google+, however, a new feature may be rolling out to make things just a bit more convenient and help to bring the Google Search app that little bit closer to doing everything you need to do on your device.

The screenshot, shared to Google+ by James Scott Jr, depicts a search for a contact in the app bringing up a list of relevant contacts, as normal. What's different here is that the contacts have some new options next to their names. Three icons give users the ability to call a contact, send them a text, or send them a message on Gmail. Contact options that are not applicable for a given contact are grayed out. Clicking on any option will bring you straight to that action in the requisite app, skipping the contacts app entirely and converging all your points of contact for a person that you have stored on your device into the same app where you might order an Uber ride or search for a nearby restaurant.


James Scott Jr did not say when exactly he noticed the change, or if anything preceded it, such as an update or device OTA. It can thus be assumed that the update is rolling out to users at pretty much complete random, with no real timeline announced by Google for now. Since the feature had not been announced previously, there is no estimate for a wider rollout. If you happen to be one of the lucky people to get access to the new feature, it could just crop up randomly or pop up after a reboot, as with any other app update.


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