Google Giving Out 10 Live Cases For Best Local Guides


Not too long ago, Google released Live Cases, hyper-customizable phone cases that could have any image or piece of Google Maps, for the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. The cases aren't anything excessively special, but are high quality, understated, very protective and, in some cases, even come with a matching live wallpaper. The Live Cases go for $35 officially, but those who know their local area fairly well, are on board with Google Maps' Local Guides program, and have a good grasp of language can score one for free, at least, if they live in the United States.

Google's Local Guides program rewards those who help out their fellow locals and tourists by leaving accurate reviews for places and adding new places. Guides leave bits of info on the map for others to find, and get rewarded for it. For this promotion, however, guides will have to go above and beyond. Not only will a guide have to write a number of reviews for places they've been, those reviews will have to be informative, useful, well-written and compliant to a set of guidelines listed on the promotion's page. A good review will be informative and insightful, will adhere to your personal experience and what you liked and disliked about a place, be in-depth, like a review of a book, video game or smartphone, be written in a respectful tone, and of course, be written in a fashion that is both technically correct and stylish.


The promotion runs from June 6 to June 30. At that point, Google will choose the 10 Local Guides with the most voluminous and bright-shining body of work in the United States, and grant them a free Live Case. The offer will come in the form of a redeemable code, usable to order a Live Case through the normal buying process, but pay nothing for it. As far as the page informs, there is nothing special about the Live Cases being given away that would differentiate them from any other custom Live Case. If you live in the United States, are a Google Local Guide, have been to more than a few places around the world and have a good handle on the art of writing, head through the source link to try your luck.

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