Google Asking People What They Think Of A 'Chromebook Pro'


Generally speaking, there are two 'first thoughts' that consumers probably think of where Chromebooks are concerned. The first is 'cloud-based' as Chromebooks do certainly place an emphasis on online connectivity, although this is slowly changing with that emphasis becoming less emphasized. The other thought is likely to be 'affordable' as Chromebooks have made a name for themselves (as well as carving out a significant share of the PC/laptop market) by ensuring that they come to market extremely competitively priced. However, it could be the case that Google is looking to expand past the affordable sector in the future.

Of course, Google already has a high-end Chromebook available in the form of the Chromebook Pixel. However, with the Pixel being priced at $1,299 it is a long way off the mark when it comes to affordability and certainly compared to the other options that are available. The Pixel aside, it seems Google has now started asking some users of its Google Opinion Rewards app what they think of a "Chromebook Pro" and more specifically, what they think a Chromebook Pro should be like.


Besides the referencing of the name, there is no information regarding what a possible Chromebook Pro would be like. The obvious inference would be that a Chromebook Pro would be more of a high-end device, although as there is the already high-end, high-priced Chromebook Pixel, it is difficult to foresee where in between the Chromebook Pro would sit. The other alternative is that Google could be thinking of introducing a Surface Pro-like Chromebook. One which presumably has a detachable keyboard but all the benefits of a Chromebook. Although again, there is already the Pixel C which essentially offers this level of adaptation, albeit running on Android. However, it is worth keeping in mind that in the lead up to the launch of the Pixel C, many of the rumors circulating did suggest that this was a device which was supposed to run on Chrome OS. As such, it could be the case that a Chromebook Pro could be a next-generation version of the Pixel C and one which does indeed run on Chrome OS. Either way, if you do use the Google Opinion Rewards app then you might find Google asking you what you think a Chromebook Pro should be like.

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