Fleksy Keyboard for Android to Get Fresh Update Soon


One thing that Android has always had going for it ever since the beginning was a raft of third-party alternatives to the built-in Android apps from Google or your phone's manufacturer. One of those has always been the keyboard, ever since the Play Store launched as the Android Market, there have been tons of great keyboard alternatives available, and over time these matured into much more than just different themes or a better dictionary. At the top of the ladder we have names like SwiftKey, Swype, Kika Keyboard and a lot of other names. One of those names has been Fleksy, a keyboard that offers users a clean and speedy keyboard with a lot of extras thoughtfully worked in. Recently however, their users became concerned that the app hasn't been updated since April 2016, and that the app might be headed for the digital scrapheap. That doesn't appear to be true, at least not right now.

Reddit users were concerned of the lack of updates and general activity from the team behind the keyboard, and after Droid-Life did a little digging they were given a response that simply said they were "working on updates now and will have more to share in the next couple weeks." Whether or not this is just a standard response is unclear, but the fact that it took them days to get back to Droid-Life isn't the best of signs. On top of all this, their support page now appears to be defunct, and it seems difficult to actually track anyone down that still works for the team online. This might be because Fleksy uses freelance developers every time they need a helping hand, but the likelihood is more that the team has been downsized on the quiet, but there's no way of knowing what's going on for sure.


It does look as though the Fleksy keyboard could be on its last legs, which is a shame really, as Android is a platform that certainly benefits well from the "more the merrier" mantra and choice is what keeps it strong. Should this coming update be the last one that Fleksy gets, we hope it's a big one. Reports of the keyboard's death may well be exaggerated at this point however, and there's always time to give it a go for the first time by hitting the button below.

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