Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Game Is Now Available On Android

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After being available only in select Asian regions, Square Enix and developer Alim Co. recently launched their latest game, the Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius globally through the Google Play Store and iOS App Store as a free-to-play title. After a few hours of maintenance and setting up servers, the game is now online across the world. For the uninitiated, Square Enix is one of the more famous role-playing game developers based in Japan, popularly known for the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts series. The company has, unfortunately, found low traction outside Asia, where such role-playing games are not as popular. The new game, from the Final Fantasy series, is hoping to turn that around.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius has been developed by the team behind Brave Frontier, another popular game, and is loaded with Final Fantasy all-stars. Square Enix has been eager to be a part of the massive $34.8-billion-dollar mobile gaming industry, and they are giving it their best shot, capitalizing their best role-play gaming franchise and combining it with another highly popular game, Brave Frontier. A lot of design elements in the game has been inspired by Brave Frontier.


For those not acquainted with the game, it starts out with the player following two knights of the kingdom of Grandshelt. The quests are based around power crystals, in a combat system including special attacks and magic abilities. The summons has their own computer generated animation sequences, making it an absolute visual treat. There are various dungeons, new routes, and hidden paths in the game waiting to be discovered. Featuring a brand new story, the game has a mix of new and old cast, with characters from past titles like Cecil, Vivi, and Terra appearing in the game.

The Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius had been available for pre-registration in the Google Play Store, and all users who signed up for it received a notification about the launch of the game. The game is supported by in-app purchases and has been rated for ages over twelve. It has fared well in the Google Play Store with over 100,000 downloads and an initial rating of 4.5 stars.

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