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If you use Facebook in almost any capacity, you've likely seen them; high-profile posts that have comments where a number of commentators are adding nothing to the discussion, only cluttering up the comments section by tagging their friends. It can be annoying and, on some posts, can disrupt or outright kill otherwise good discussion taking place in the comments section. Even the infamous picture of Michael Jackson eating popcorn that shows up in most comment threads that get to a decent size has a variant paying homage to the phenomenon. It would seem that the late popcorn fiend pop star and his peers finally got Facebook's attention, however, as they're rolling out a possible solution to that issue on a testing basis.

SocialTimes received a picture this morning of a new button that has been popping up on posts for some Facebook users on both mobile and desktop, which allows them to notify friends of a post without having to tag them. The new button comes in the form of a megaphone symbol bearing the text, "Notify a few friends about this post". The button allowed at least one user to successfully show a post that they had made to ten of their friends without having to tag them. Unfortunately, the user did not confirm if they were able to use the feature on a post that they did not create.


Facebook responded by confirming the new solution rolling out, calling it a "more discreet" way to get friends in on conversations. The language of the communication from the Facebook spokesperson, however, did not solve the mystery of whether users can tag friends on posts that they did not create, saying, "When you make a post that is particularly interesting to certain friends, you want to make sure they see it." While not a confirmation that the new feature is limited to original posts, the wording does seem to imply such.

Currently this feature is still in a testing phase, so most users won't see the feature just yet. However, if everything goes well, Facebook may roll it out to everyone in the near future.


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