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Hot on the heels of new emojis coming down the pipeline for the certification of a new emoji set for Android N that just might make it into the Unicode standard, Facebook is announcing that their Messenger service is adopting some new emojis. Most of the new emojis are diverse, with options to choose a skin tone and gender, or lack thereof. The full list includes a grand total of more than 1,500 emojis. While many of the more human-looking emojis will be a little less diverse than the blobby variety, Facebook is promising a collection of emojis that strive toward "living up to the gender and skin tone diversity that we see in our world everyday."

The new crop of diverse emojis includes female police officers, runners, surfers and more, all with customizable skin tones. While the blobs will stick around alongside the human emoji, you can now choose their skin tone as well. As for the humanoid emoji, a crop of six different skin tones will be available, including a standard peach, the same yellow as the default skin for the blob emoji, a paler shade of pink, and three different shades of brown. New emojis in support of the LGBT community will also be rolling out, such as a rainbow and emoji featuring same-sex couples. Some older emoji, such as the classic and well known poop emoji, will be getting a small facelift as a part of the update, making them fit in with the other emojis to create a holistic and distinct style.


As well as getting a more diverse crop of emojis out there, Facebook will also be using a universal standard to ensure that the emojis you send is the emoji that the receiving party sees, even if they're on another platform or their version of the app is not updated. This means users will no longer be plagued by broken emojis or substitutions that don't make much sense or distort the original message. Rounding out the list of changes is a new categorized emoji picker, accessible in much the same way one would normally pull up the list of emojis. All of the changes are slated to go live for all users across all platforms starting today, June 2nd.

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