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Google Fit was launched some time ago now, and while it works just fine with nothing more than a user's phone, it's also a key part of Android Wear. Despite Google's best efforts, Google Fit has not been hailed as one of the best fitness applications out there, but they are looking to improve on this, and we saw a number of changes headed to Fit with the Android Wear 2.0 release later this year. Right now however, Google is bringing Google Fit on the phone a fresh new look as well as some new features, which should certainly please those that have been wondering just when Google were going to bring some sort of update to the service.

This latest update brings Google Fit to version 1.57 and it brings with it a completely new UI design. The new interface is much less sparse than previous versions and gives users a lot more information to work with on their main page as soon as they launch the app. It also brings with it some artwork similar to the way it was introduced into the Google Calendar app some time ago. One of the biggest changes in this new version of Google Fit is that users can now choose and create their own goals, far beyond just changing the amount of active time or steps taken. As we explore in the screens below, users can choose from a wide list of activities and then create their own metric, so 30 times a month, or 4 times a week for certain activities. The Android Wear app has also received something of a touch up as well, and now looks easier to navigate and seems to make much more sense as it adheres to other common Android Wear app designs.


This change in how goals are created and recorded extends to the new widget, which allows users to create a widget for each specific goal. So now, users can quickly see and adjust their goal for going for a run each morning when they get back and so on. All-in-all, these are the sort of changes that will give Google Fit users a little more to be happy about, but it's clear that the app has a way to go before it can catch up to some other services like Fitbit and Microsoft Health, especially when tied with dedicated hardware. Those that haven't received the update yet, can click the button below to download it and update their existing installation.

Download Google Fit 1.57

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