Download: Android Pay Now Lists Off Which Apps Accept It

Android Pay AM AH 1

As Android Pay matures, more places are beginning to accept it as a form of payment that consumers can make when they go to make a purchase on goods and services. Likewise, more and more applications that can be installed on smartphones and tablets are starting to accept Android Pay as a form of payment as well. For example, Uber replaced Google Wallet as the mobile payment method for Android Pay back at the beginning of March. As the list of apps grows which will take Android Pay, users will no doubt appreciate a simple way to tell which apps use Android Pay and which apps do not. As of the latest update to the app (version 1.4), Google has added a function like this which will list off which apps accept it so there will be a fast and easy way to figure out where you can use it, and upon tapping this option in the overflow menu you’ll be navigated to a Play Store page with the list.

In addition to this acceptance function, Android Pay also now appears to work with major forms of transport in London that are run by Transport For London following the launch of Android Pay in the UK recently. The details of this feature were revealed in strings that were discovered in the APK teardown that was done by Android Police, and may or may not be live at this time, but once enabled those who wish to use Android Pay as a form of payment for all Transport For London rides will be able to set a limit on weekly spending, and then be charged a total through Android Pay at the end of the day.


Those who are big on loyalty and reward cards will appreciate the new signups feature in Android Pay which allows you to create new loyalty and reward card programs from within the app, instead of just limiting users to adding loyalty cards for existing programs that they are already signed up for. Lastly, while knowing which apps accept Android Pay will certainly be useful, more people are likely to use the app while out and about, the only downside is that it could be much more difficult to know which establishments will support Android Pay, but soon enough that won’t be the case as Google is preparing to add a “nearby merchants” feature that will let users known which physical retailers will take Android Pay. This feature is not live just yet, but it should be soon, whether Google enables it server side or tosses it out in the next update.

Download Android Pay v1.4 APK arm (no dpi) Download Android Pay v1.4 APK arm64 (no dpi)